Corporate and Business Portraiture and Headshots

Corporate and business portraits can be done in-studio or, for more formal corporate shots, at your location. Every business should have a portrait of its key players. Small business owners, you especially should have your headshots on your web site and brochures as you are the face of your company. At David Lauder Photography we offer convenient appointments and quick turn around. Prices include consultation, photo session, re-touching and colour correction plus an on-line selection gallery.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a growing part of the business at David Lauder Photography. With recent clients such as Redcliffe Realty, CP Rail and LDS Church putting their trust in us to deliver the aerial imagery they need, you too can rely on us to give you the aerial images you want as well.

If you are a commercial property manager, architect, contractor or otherwise involved in commercial real estate you will need a reliable aerial photographer at some point. At David Lauder Photography we provide air coverage in the Winnipeg and southern Manitoba areas. We use both airplane and helicopter, depending on the client requirements.

We use high-end Nikon equipment for all of our images and all images are custom adjusted in post-processing to ensure a pleasing color balance and correct exposure.

Unless weather conditions dictate otherwise, e.g. winter, we will never sell a shot that has been taken through a window. Shots taken through a window may contain flare or reflections. This will not reflect well on you or on us - no pun intended.

Aerial photography requires a great deal of planning in order to get to the target quickly, find the angle required by the client and get the image at the desired magnification. Complicating the technical aspects of aerial photography are the vagaries of weather prediction. One looks for either total overcast or cloudless skies to get the best results. We do everything we can to ensure that all of the variables have been taken into consideration before the flight is undertaken. If necessary, the flight will be cancelled and re-scheduled.

Whether it is pre-planning a new building site, documenting a construction project or photographing an established property for your marketing material, we are your eye in the sky. To see a sample gallery of aerial photos click here or for more information, visit our aerial photography site -

Please contact us for a competitive quote.

If your needs or budget can't accommodate a custom flight, perhaps we can help you through our extensive stock library of winnipeg aerial photographs. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will do the search for you.

Architectural Photography

Inside and out, you want to put the best possible appearance of your building on your sales brochurees, website and other promotional material. Whether it is to attract new tennants to the Winnipeg market or to find potential buyers for a property, David Lauder Photography is your Winnipeg photographer to provide the images you need to complete the job. We serve Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Architectural photography at David Lauder Photography is looked upon much like portraiture. Great light and great angles are what make a great image. A building has a face and it is that face that you want your clients to see and admire. It might be the early morning light of sunrise that makes your building glow, or possibly it is a night shot when your retail property is lit up and looking its best. Our architectural photography will be done when the light is right.

Product Photography and Web Content

Product photography is a very exacting discipline, requiring the whitest whites and the blackest blacks for the background. Or consistent whites and blacks from one session to the next. Reflections, hot-spots and harsh shadows need to be minimized or eliminated. At David Lauder Photography, we can give you that consistency and precision.

Perhaps you need your product shot using chroma-key backdrops so that you can put a custom background in your shot. We can do that as well.

Product photography is priced based on the number of pieces shot in one session, so it is best for my clients to do as much of their product in one session. If you are in the Winnipeg area we will pick up and deliver your product where feasible. You will be given a private web gallery to review the images.

Web content in general can be handled at David Lauder Photography. Whether you are designing the web site yourself or have a branding and web design expert working for you, we can partner with you or your designer to develop the exact content you need to create the graphical and informational images that will put your web site over the top.

If you are a web designer, we are always looking for companies to partner with. Images can be used out of existing stock if you are looking for generic material or custom shooting sessions can be arranged to get those customer-specific images that your client needs.We can do the complete gamut from product photography to environmental portraits to location shots.

Prices are dependant upon the type and complexity of the assignment.

Event Photography

Is your business or organization having an event - perhaps an AGM, awards banquet or other special event? At David Lauder Photography we have you covered. Event photography requires a photographer who can anticipate what is going to happen and get in the best position to make the image.

The photographer must also be inconspicuous. We are recording the event - not part of it. This requires professional equipment and professional demeanor on the part of the photographer. That is what we provide.

We also photograph personal events as well. It might be a special wedding anniversary, a milestone birthday or any other event that is special or memorable. Don't rely on Uncle Joe and Cousin Debbie to remember to bring their camera and hopefully get everything. Hire a professional and relax.

Please contact us for a competitive quote on any of the services we offer.